3D Character Models

If you think about the latest movies, animations and commercials seen on TV, you have probably seen one or more 3d character models. What comes to my mind are Toy Story and Monsters Inc. What makes so popular with those characters is that children love to see 3d animations and they believe that it is real. Although that’s not true, who wouldn’t like to see 3d-like creatures walking around.

Thanks to technology behind the computer graphics, we are witnessing more and more realistic 3d character models. The innovation and effort behind the scene is enormous when it comes to 3d animations. The studios like Pixar, Dreamworks Animation and Walt Disney Animation Studios have made dozens of animations, which had great box-office success and created some most beloved characters amongst children, in the past years.

One of the things that make animations interesting for filmmakers is that they can have the 3d character models do whatever they want. They are independet of physics, gravity and air. They can run fast, jump high and even fly. The possibilities are endless.To add some of the most popular titles of 3d animations we can include The Incredibles as seen to the left, Cars, and Finding Nemo. All these fantastic 3d character models are created by 3d modeling programs like Maya and 3d Studio Max.

There are some sites that offer 3d character models on the internet. Some of them are really unique. For example, Turbosquid has an enormous collection of 3d models. You can browse their categories and I’m sure you’ll find something that takes your attention. You can also have free models at this site. Then, there is The 3d Studio, which has a large collection of 3d models too. Another site to mention is 3d02. All of the sites mentioned here have both free and paid 3d chracter models,  it is up to you to decide on your choice.

I hope this post about 3d character models was helpful. Thanks for reading.

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