3D Model Textures

What makes a 3d model look like realis the use of matching realistic texture maps. This ought to be a great artwork. And believe me, creating nice textures are harder than creating nice models. Think for a second that, even the most magnificient model would not mean much without a texture map that brings it to life. If you watched the latest movies like Transformers, Terminator Salvation and so on, you probably saw what they can do with the computer graphics nowadays. It becomes more real and it becomes more beautiful. And all of the progress is due to the brilliant artists who create wonderful 3d models and textures.Look at the above image for example, which shows a 3d snake model. It is difficult to say that it is computer generated, right? It is a combination of detailed modeling with perfect mapping of 3d model textures.I am sure, one day, the computer graphics technology will reach far beyond the limits of our imagination.

So, where to find nice 3d textures? If you can’t create one, let them others do it for you. There are literally tons of 3d resources sites over the internet. Let me just name a few of them.First of all, you will find not only 3d model textures but also any 3d related stuff on 3dLinks. 3dLinks is one of the biggest sites on the internet which lists 3d related resources. Next comes Amazing Textures and 3d Cafe. You can find free textures as well as paid ones. And lastly you will find plenty of 3d textures on one of the biggest collections of the web, which is TurboSquid.com. You will love the texture maps there.

I hope this post about 3d model textures was helpful to you.

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