3D to 2D glasses (reverse conversion)

Recently, I was going to see a 3D film with a couple of acquaintances, one of whom has complained in the past of being sensitive to 3D movies in the theatre, claiming that they cause him eye-strain. The film in which we were going to see (which will remain nameless) had a reputation amongst my peers of having some bad 3D scenes, which was most likely divergence issues, which is the number one cause for poor 3D in movie theatres.

I still really wanted to see the film myself and wanted my friends to join, so to entice them to come I promised that if they joined me, there would be simply no way for eye strain. To fulfill this promise I would have to create 2D glasses for them to watch the film with, so they could join me but not have to worry about watching the 3D if it began to bother their eyes. Creating the pair of 3D to 2D conversion glasses was really simple. In their most basic terms, they are simply two pairs of left lenses in the same set of frames. This only allows the same left eye signal into both lenses so that the viewer’s eyes will only then be receiving a 2D perspective.

It was able to make two pairs of 3D to 2D glasses with two pairs of Real-D glasses (these are the only ones it will work with as it requires to have them pulled apart).

the lenses removed from both pairs

By pulling apart the frames of both sets of Real-D’s, I took out the left lens out of the first pair and put it into the second pair, replacing the right lens with it, so that the second pair had two left lenses. I repeated the same thing for the 2nd pair except with right lens.

Right lens being replaced with a left lens

In the end I had two pair of Real-D glasses, one with two left lenses and one with two right lenses.

Real-D technology uses Circular Polarized light technology created by the Z-Screen in front of the single lens projector. In basic terms, it polarizes the light waves coming from the left and right video signals so that when the audience wears the glasses they filters over the left and right eyes only allow corresponding image through. For more info see link.

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