DIY Ideas for Ceiling Fans

Summer holidays are here and you are already loaded with a lot of work to finish. It is a perfect time to engage in household work, give your house, your furniture a makeover. How about we start experimenting with our ceiling fans? Break the monotonous style and show your creativity.

How do you do it? We have provided with a complete guide on DIY ideas for your ceiling fan.

We will start with the basics. You have to determine where the fan is located, what type of furniture you have in the room and the color of the walls. Now you will have to decide what type of style will go with the decorum. You surely want the fan to add charm to the decoration and should not look awkward.

Things you will need: The list can be extensive, we have pointed out the must have instruments and materials for your work.

  • A ladder
  • Screwdriver
  • Paint brushes with square tips
  • Gloves
  • Paint and primer
  • External fan blades if you want to replace your old ones
  • Lights

Step 1
Cover your head, your eyes, and nose with a cloth to ensure the dust particles do not cause any trouble if the fan needs cleaning. Climb up the ladder and gently remove the screws with a screwdriver. Disassemble the blades and the metal cover of the motor. Place the screws in a transparent plastic pouch. You can use a marker pen to write definitions of the screws so when you put them back together you know where they would go to.

Step 2
Spread a tarp and keep the parts on it. Remove the metal brackets from the blades and keep them separate.

Now is the time when you have to decide what kind of style you want. Do you want to paint the blades with different decorative ideas? There are plenty decorative styles you can copy from the internet. If you want to paint the blades, first clean them properly. Apply primer and then the background color. If you are happy with one color, you are good to go, if you want more designs on it, take the paintbrushes and paint it. In addition to this, you can get readymade decorative styles to fix on the blades. As you choose the color and style of the blade, paint the metal brackets and the motor cover accordingly.

Step 3
If you want to replace the old fan blades with a new one, there are plenty in the market. For a room with a vintage taste, you can go for antique fan blades. You can try blades with mahogany-toned leaves, or a bleached oak look.

Step 4
Are you a comic book fan? There you go with LED display ideas. You can add and replace an array of LED display with various styles, the best thing is the kids would love it!

Step 5
Redo the lights. If your fan does not come with lights, probably it is a good idea to add it. When you are selecting lights, find out what type of light you want, if you want halogen, LED or fluorescent lights. Energy consumption largely varies on the lights.

Step 6
Do you love the artistic creativity? You can make different lampshades and replace the old ones. A lampshade can be purchased from the store, or you can make one with paper and paints.

Step 7
This is the final step. Reassemble the fan and let it make a style statement.

Don’t forget to let us know how you liked the new look of your ceiling fan.

If you decide to replace a new ceiling fan, please see here.

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