How Does It Work? – 1080p 3D TV Models and Reviews

The future of TV viewing technology is upon us. The 3D TV sets are the new age of the TV. They transcend normal television to an experience which is more lifelike and with each new improvement that they are adding to it; they are just polishing this attribute to near perfection.

3D TV was introduced way back in the 1920s. Back then the theatres were trying desperately to herd the audience in the movie halls. They used a lot of techniques to achieve this result. They used the 3D imaging; sometimes they even installed special effect devices in the hall chairs to intensify the experience. It is true that the technology was not very advanced during those times and the effects were usually poor. However, with the advent of new technology many of the effects have been refined and the effect of 3D now is much more believable.


How does the 3D TV work?
The 3D TV utilises the combination of the 3D enabled monitors or display system, 3D converters or chips that enable the proper conversion of normal 2d images to 3D view. To view movies or programs in 3D one also requires special 3D glasses.The concept is being taken up by the biggest TV making companies. Many brands are coming up with new and improved types of sets that are trying to nullify previous faults or drawbacks.

Also, the success of the 3D TV depends immensely on the continuous production of 3D programs and movies. Many television channels have plans to launch new 3D channels and many programs are also being launched in 3D. Some sports channels will also be launched that will improve your sports viewing experience greatly.

Future Plans for Expansive and Market Capture
There are also available in the market very high tech Blu ray players that provide high definition 3D images. The Blu ray players are very advanced and they have advanced sensory techniques. Their codec technology is also much more powerful than the players available in the market today.

Some systems also come with advanced projectors that project very clear 3D images. For definitive 3D TV viewing you have to use 3D oriented glasses. These glasses used to be very bulky and often induced headaches because the whole weight of the glasses rested on the bridge of the nose.The modern version of these 3D enabled glasses is a lot less heavy but they cannot be called a trend statement yet. All said and done, the 3D TV technology has begun its progress and it is all set to be established as the new trend for the future.

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